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Planning Your Dream Small Garden-Style Wedding In Falmouth, MA

Planning Your Dream Small Garden-Style Wedding In Falmouth, MA

If you would like to tie the knot in the heart of natural beauty, a small garden-style wedding in Falmouth, MA offers everything you need. Picturesque landscapes and serene gardens characterize this town, providing the ideal backdrop for such an event.

What do you need to turn your vision into reality? This article will guide you through the important points to remember as you plan your dream wedding.

Identify a Suitable Venue

The first step in planning your small garden-style wedding in Falmouth is to select the perfect venue. The town boasts a variety of stunning gardens, including private estates with lush greenery and public gardens overlooking the sea. With so many options to choose from, narrowing down to the most ideal spot is the challenge.

Look for a venue that matches your aesthetic and size requirements and also offers shelter options. Provisions like gazebos or covered patios can be invaluable in case of unpredictable weather.

Design Your Garden Decor

The decor for your garden wedding should complement the natural beauty of the location. Focus on enhancing the space rather than overwhelming it. Incorporate elements such as floral arches, fairy lights, and elegant table settings that blend seamlessly with the garden’s existing flora.

Personalize Your Space

To make your garden wedding truly yours, add personal touches that reflect your relationship and tastes. Think of things like custom signage, a unique guest book idea like signing river stones, or having a memory table with photos of loved ones. Personalization makes your big day feel truly special and tailored to you.

Planning the Ceremony Layout

In a garden setting, the natural landscape can dictate the layout of your ceremony. Choose a focal point like a particularly beautiful tree or a flower-covered arch to position your altar. Ensure there is a clear path for the wedding procession and ample seating for guests that provides the best view of the vow exchange.

Lighting and Sound Considerations

Proper lighting and sound are crucial for a garden wedding, especially if part of your event extends into the evening. Soft, ambient lighting such as string lights in trees or lanterns along pathways can create a magical atmosphere as dusk falls. Consider the acoustics of the outdoor space and possibly hire a sound system to ensure that music and speeches can be heard by all guests.

Managing Logistics

When hosting a wedding in a garden setting, it’s important to consider logistical factors such as restroom facilities, accessible parking or transport options for guests. You may also need to deal with any potential insect issues by having repellents available or choosing flowers that naturally repel insects.

Bringing Your Garden Wedding Dream to Life

A small garden-style wedding is an exquisite choice for couples desiring a romantic and personal celebration. The right planning will make all the difference and make this a day to remember.

With so many details to take into consideration and so little time, it can all feel overwhelming. Instead of taking on this arduous task by yourself, how about enlisting expert help?

Flipping Tablescapes offers party supply rentals, from dinnerware and linens to furniture. By leaving such details to us, you can focus on making the most of every moment. Talk to us so that we can curate your garden decor to reflect your personal style and harmonize with the theme of your event.